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Alabama Bee Rescue was founded to promote natural organic methods of honey bee management and safe honey bee removal services in Alabama. The honey bee is a vital part of the worlds ecosystem and we try to do our part to promote their survivability for generations to come.

Without the honey bee a large portion of our food supply, natural fauna and ground cover would fade away. Not only would the food we eat but the animals,birds and insects that cover the land would also feel the effects from the loss or reduction  of the honey bee.

Alabama Bee Rescue offers live honey bee removal services in North Alabama from Tuscaloosa and Auburn, north to Hunstville Alabama . We inspect your situation and determin the best way to expose and remove the colony in a safe affordable process. We also suggest ways to reduce risk of reinfestation in the future.

Please give us a call (256)490-2331 together we can help the honey bee continue to thrive in Alabama.

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Honey bees found in the eve of a house. We safely relocated them to an Alabama Bee Rescue apiary where they could rebuild and are doing great.
Natural open air colony found building on a fence. This type hive may also be found hanging in a tree. We collect the bees and salvage as much of their comb as possible. We add more for them to rebuild and expand as needed. This is an example of another hive rescued in Alabama.
This tree was blown down in some bad storms.The hive was exposed. We removed and salvaged a large part of the hive and gave this colony a new home to live in. Big Thanks to the City of Gadsden for being bee friendly and letting us rehome them.

Swarms are coming and they are looking for a new home. Will it bee yours or your neighbor.

When honey bees are over crowded and or have an abundance of honey they move. This call a swarm.

The workers will make queen cells and raise virgin queens. When the virgins are ready to emerge the mother queen leaves with half the honey and workers.

They all travel together looking for a new home. A tree, shed, your house and even old tires. Any dark void space can house honey bees.

When you see a swarm on your property have no fear, give us a call and we can safely relocate them to an apiary away from residential areas to continue being bees.

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How can you tell if honey bees have moved in ? What should you do about it ?

When you see bees flying in and out of some hole or crack, chances are they have moved in. Call today to schedule an evaluation (256)490-2331 .

I know some will let them stay for a while. As long as they don’t give the homeowner any trouble. They will become trouble maybe not right away but eventually they will.

Why can’t I just spray them?

Honey bees store multiple GALLONS of honey in their nest. They maintain the nest raising future generations of bees that will eat the honey stores. A hive can generally have upwards of 50,000 honey bees. If the bees are successfully killed from spraying what is left behind is approximately 5 lbs of bees and all that honey. Without the bees to keep the hive maintained other critters like roaches and mice move in to forage what remains. This causes the destruction of the nest and may lead to honey dripping into your home creating more issue. What remains may bring roach infestation for years after.

Bee Removal Birmingham AL

Please don’t try to take care of it yourself. That’s how people get hurt.

We can come and get them out. Just remember that the sooner you call the easier the removal will be and less invasive to your structure.

Why Do We Need Honey Bees ?

Did you know that honey bees are the only insect that produces food and medicine for humans ? Yep, medicine.

Mellitin, a substance in bee venom has been proven to destroy cancer tumors and HIV cells.

Yes this amazing creature needs our help. How can you help?

Don’t spray bees. Call me today for honey bee removal in and around Birmingham Alabama and have these awesome creatures removed safely and affordably.

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