Bee Media

Every hive has a queen. Rarely will you find more than one but it can happen. Capturing her in a colony is the ultimate goal. She produces a pherimone that all the bees in her colony follow. Capture the queen and you capture the hive .We strive in every removal to capture her and have had great success at doing so.
Can you see the queen?
Small swarm found in a tree. Homeowner called and we were happy to come and rehome them before they setup shop.
If you find a ball of bees like this do not disturb them. Please contact us and we will arrange for a beekeeper to come and collect them,carry them off to be put in a beehive so they can thrive in a safe habitat.
We have developed a method to remove bees from trees that turn this type removal into a 1 day process. In the past a setup called a trapout was used. It could take up to 9 weeks. The queen in this colony was captured in less than 30minutes. Once she is caught, the rest will follow.
After removing a colony the bees are transported back to a yard to start their rebuild. The area is abundant in natural resources the bees need to repair the comb and replace food stores in the hive for winter. No honey wil be harvested from them for about a year, depending on when they are removed.
Honey bees found in the eve of a house. We safely relocated them to an apiary where they could rebuild and are doing great.